Open maze is a performance that comes to life in the moment and that seeks to develop a relationship between the spectator, the performer, and the space within which the action takes place, thanks primarily to the use of virtual reality technology.

The body is the stage

Theater began as the expression of a collective and civil ritual.

360° VR (Virtual Reality) video is an opportunity to dramatically change the way in which spectators are involved in performance. 

The audience, wearing a VR headset,  can now participate in this contemporary ritual, with their own senses helping to create a dramatic theatrical experience in which they themselves are the protagonist.

A performer interacts with the individual spectator, complementing the visuals from the video and feeding the inner experience.

The spectator’s body becomes the stage itself, projecting him or her into alternative realities based on the video being shown. The headset, therefore, becomes the scenic tool through which this totally unique initiation ritual is staged.